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Weather / What to Wear

We know it's important for you to know what to pack when you come to Wildcatter Ranch. Here are some tips and a there's also a chart below.

Please keep these things in mind as you pack:

  • Casual dress would be the general way to describe how to dress out at the ranch.
  • Even though it can be rather hot in the summer months, long pants should be worn for hiking and riding with closed heels and toes on the shoes.
  • Bring light weight blouses, hats, and sunscreen for the spring and summer months, and of course shorts for lounging around.
  • Don't forget to bring your bathing suits for the pool and hot tub.
  • Winters can get cold, so plan to layer with sweaters and jackets from November-March.

Here is a handy chart to help you decide what to pack on your way to the ranch:

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